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Post  Pooman on Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:31 am

Hey guys, some pics I have. Feel free to comment ~

This guy in our Feeder clan has a lvl 3 lab with lvl 5 archers. Glitches.
Picture Thread B9A1D814-6296-42EB-845F-2E5CEAE886D3-950-000001735FB69BDF_zpsa10ce7f3

More proof..
Picture Thread 7919F394-AF6A-461C-90C9-D2ECDC14ED17-950-000001735BAED568_zps06d53c06

These next two are some decent base defenses i've found while searching for prey, not tested.
Picture Thread BE9F2E08-2846-4EB2-85E1-2723E984E4B6-950-000001736BB9488A_zpsa4f2ea5d

Picture Thread 1A85BAAE-64F2-45F8-9D3C-8DF6E21EE5C2-950-000001736609A829_zps222810d5

~ Poo


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